Our Services

Kingsland leads the field in the creative design of timber buildings and we are flattered that our competitors chose to imitate our ideas. Our in-house design team aims to create structures with particular aesthetic appeal which will add value to a property, whilst also being cost effective, ecofriendly and long lasting, thereby giving our clients excellent value for money.

These ideals have given Kingsland a reputation which is envied throughout the industry, and we are grateful to the many customers who come back with repeat business or recommend us to their friends, families and colleagues.

Whatever type or style of timber building you require, we can provide a unique building designed specially to suit your requirements, which is aesthetically pleasing, practical and durable.

We offer a Nationwide & Europe-wide delivery & erection service.

All our buildings are pressure impregnated with ACQ preservative against insect attack and fungal decay and carry a 25 year Guarantee. The treatment is totally harmless as it chemically bonds to the fibres in the timber, and will not leach out , therefore the buildings do not require an annual maintenance coat of preservative, however they may be painted, stained or varnished if required.

What Do I Do Now?

From First Contact to Completion.

If you would like to discuss your ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us for an informal chat with no obligation. We can produce concept drawings and a preliminary costing and are happy to make site visits when necessary. Once your requirements are finalised, we produce full planning drawings, liaise with planners and building control if applicable, and can offer a complete service to submit planning applications on your behalf if required. A detailed base drawing and specification will be included to give to your groundworks contractor to ensure the foundations are suitable to accept the building.

When we receive your order we will send you a written confirmation of all the details. The craftsmen who manufacture your building are generally the people who will arrive to build it; this maintains continuity and job satisfaction for our workforce.

We are of course delighted to accept orders via Email but if, like us, you prefer to talk to a human rather than a machine, please don't hesitate to call. We will do our best to provide helpful, knowledgeable information to aid the development and successful implementation of your project.

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Do I need Planning Permission or Building Regulations ?

Planning Permission

‘Permitted development’ rights within the curtilage of your property are generally:

  • Must be a single storey building
  • No higher than 4 metres for apex roof or 3 metres for mono-pitch roof, unless it is within 2 metres of a boundary when it must be no higher than 2.5 metres
  • Height to eaves, no more than 2.5m
  • Not less than 5 metres from the house
  • No more than 50% of the curtilage area, not including the house
  • Not in front of the house line
  • No nearer a public road or footpath than the house or 20 metres
  • No balconies, verandahs, or raised platforms
  • Not in a World Heritage Site, National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a Listed Building.
  • Not between side elevation of house and boundary in Conservation Area

Stables and other buildings, to be built in paddocks or on agricultural land are subject to planning permission, whether adjoining your curtilage or not. If you are in any doubt you should contact your local planning office.

Building Regulations

  • Buildings principally for the keeping of animals are exempt from Building Regulations.
  • All other buildings covering more than 30m² require Building Regulations.
  • There may be a requirement for fire resistance in walls adjacent to boundaries.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Our Process

An outline of the various stages we follow to give the best possible solution to your building requirements.

Your Idea

When you have had a look through our portfolio, please contact us to discuss your design ideas. We will help you create a building designed specifically to suit your needs. We operate throughout the UK and Europe.

Site Visit

When required we visit your site to discuss the project and location. We can develop a design together and suggest a variety of options to keep your building within your budget.


Using modern design technology we develop your concept into a building which is functional and aesthetically pleasing


We supply a basic drawing with your quotation. Once accepted we produce planning drawings and calculations for building regulations (if required)


Your building is manufactured in our Herefordshire workshops using timber from sustainable souces. We prefabricate as much as we can in our factory so we spend as little time on site as possible.


Our team of experienced crafsmen are responsible for the manufacture and erection of your building; we receive many compliments regarding their work ethic and skill. The team will ask you to check the building is completed to your satisfaction before they leave site.

After Care

All the timber used in our softwood buildings is pressure impregnated with an environmentally advanced preservative which has a 15 year guarantee. The buildings require no further preservative treatment but may be painted, stained or varnished if required.