About Us

Kingsland Sawmills was established in Herefordshire in 1919, and has been involved in the production of timber products on the same site since that date.

In 1989 Peter Drake took over the business, the manufacture of timber buildings began and the company was quickly regarded as one of the leading timber stabling manufacturers in the UK. Today the business has broadened to encompass all types of timber structures from garden sheds to large leisure buildings, from a single carport to a range of garages with loft accommodation, and from stables and field shelters to 12m span timber portal frames for agricultural use.

Looking towards the future, our next objective is to develop the Coach House for use as low cost housing in rural situations.

Peter Drake, Managing Director, is a Forestry Graduate who has been involved in the timber industry all his life. Having completely rebuilt two classic cars, he understands the need for suitable accommodation for cherished vehicles. He holds a Private Pilot's licence and is currently building a 2-seater wooden aeroplane in his own Kingsland garage! An accomplished draughtsman and watercolour artist, Peter enjoys holidays painting architectural subjects, and working his Flat Coated Retrievers.



Charlotte Drake, Marketing Director, trained to teach art and design, and competed at Three Day Event level. Charlotte is currently competing her home bred dressage horse Overture, by Clannad Maestro, at Advanced Medium level. She has a particular interest in equine psychology and stereotypic behaviours, and her involvement with horses suffering from respiratory disease prompted extensive research into the ventilation of timber stables; the design of the Kingsland range is based on the results of this research.



Will Drake, Charlotte and Peter's son, is a Product Designer working in London, he designs our literature and advertisments.





The core team at Kingsland listed below are the people you may have contact with should you decide a Kingsland building is for you.

Diane Johnson, Office Manager and Accounts, has been with the company since 1994. Diane is in charge of the day to day running of the business in the absence of the Directors, and the business couldn't run without her! She and her husband Paul own two collies and are experienced mountain bikers.

Melissa Gilchrist, Sales Administrator has been with us since 1999. Melissa runs the Sales Department and will be your first point of contact for any enquiry you make. Melissa has her own horse so she is fully conversant with the needs of stabling clients, and is a keen gardener.

Dave Skyrme,  Sawyer, Treatment Plant Operator, On Site Lead... In fact Dave has been with us from the start and there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the production, manufacture and erection of Kingsland buildings.

Terry Mustoe came to us in 2005 to drive our lorry, and he will deliver your building if it is small enough to go onto our own lorry. Nowadays Terry is also responsible for producing all our Garden Products.

John Fairman has been with us since 2010, he is one of our building fabricators; look out for him when your building is being put up!

Dave Jones arrived in Spring 2012; he is and experienced Carpenter and is a new addition to the production team.


Our management & staff have many years of practical experience in both the timber & equestrian trades.

  • As a team, we are dedicated to excellence of design and efficiency of production.
  • We care that our clients receive outstanding personal service and a first class product.
  • We understand that every one of our customers has unique requirements and we aim to deliver an end result which exceeds their expectations.
  • We are committed to animal welfare, and all our equestrian buildings are designed to ensure a safe & healthy environment for your horses.
  • We are sensitive to the responsibility we all share in protecting our environment, and we do our best to minimise our impact on the planet.
  • We value the people who work for us; those who take your order, make, deliver and erect your building.
  • And we promise to deliver integrity and honesty.

Our Equestrian Philosophy

“Horses evolved to thrive in the open air, free to roam at will, travelling in herds for protection and companionship. We believe that in return for the fun they give us, we owe it to our horses to provide them with a safe, healthy and stimulating environment, relaxed atmosphere and companionship. Horses who are happy, healthy and contented perform willingly.”

This is an extract from our brochure which was produced nearly 25 years ago, and we still stand by the statement.     A solitary life in a stable is not a natural place for a horse to be; our job is to provide you with options so you can choose a safe, suitably sized, correctly sited, properly engineered, durable and horse friendly haven for your horse. It should be designed to reduce the chances of your horse developing stereotypic behaviours so he stays healthy in body and mind.

Read our article on stable design here

This website is dedicated to the memory of Clannad Maestro, who charmed so many people, brought us so many customers and gave us so much pleasure.

1989 - 2004